Gemma worked with the London Music Masters from 2018-2020. She taught groups of young children and also conducted paired, individual lessons And workshops in schools around London. She also taught at the Questors Young Musicians club; a Saturday school in Ealing, guiding children of all ages through their ABRSM exams. 

Gemma has taught a small studio of private pupils since 2013. She offers lessons to students of all ages and abilities. Experience in teaching a wide range of musical styles and at a pace to suit each individual student. She is passionate about music education and teaching has become a very valuable part of her career.

There is currently space in Gemma’s Studio for private pupils. If you are interested in learning with Gemma, feel free to contact her directly on gemmacconnor@gmail.com or using the `First Tutors website. https://www.firsttutors.com/uk/music/teacher/gemma.cello.piano/

In light of Covid-19, all cello lessons will be online using Zoom/Skype or equivalent.

Teaching reviews

“Gemma is a highly versatile teacher in both group, paired and individual lesson settings. Her warm and child- centred approach makes learning cello a a fun and positive experience for all!”
Katrina Damigos, London Music Masters Professional Development Manager and Team Teach Course Leader

Gemma has been an outstanding cello teacher for my son, William, aged 11 who is working at around grade 3. William has had a few different teachers but it is only under Gemma’s guidance that he has made rapid progress. Gemma is very warm, patient and genuinely cares about her pupils’ development in their playing. This has been evident in her close attention to detail about specific improvements William needs to work on and her focus on pushing him to achieve more highly. She is extremely organised, always completely on top of what he has been practising and needs to do next, positive and smiley and very well liked by William who always looks forward to his lessons. Everything you need in a top class music teacher!
Pupil’s Parent, July 2020

Gemma is just a brilliant cello teacher! She has been teaching my 8 year old daughter for nearly 2 years. She is always so kind, patient and encouraging, and my daughter responds really well to her . Gemma makes her lessons fun, and has gone the extra mile to keep my daughter engaged in learning at points when she has struggled. Gemma is also brilliant at communicating with us as parents and giving tips and resources to support and inspire our daughter. Hannah sums our recommendation up: “Gemma is so fun and kind!” 
Pupil’s Parent, July 2020

Gemma is an excellent cello teacher. She is patient, enthusiastic and encouraging. She is able to prise musical progress out of even the most reluctant student.
Pupil’s parent, July 2020

Our six-year old daughter, Stella has loved learning the cello with Gemma, it’s a real highlight for her.  Gemma is brilliant at clearly talking through the lessons, is sensitive to the pace of individual and group learning, above all she’s really encouraging. It’s been wonderful to see Stella’s confidence with the instrument grow, she’s buoyed from the lessons and always eager to share with Gemma what she’s been practising.
Pupil’s Parent, July 2020

Gemma is a wonderful cello teacher, described by my daughter (age 7) as “patient and kind”. She has a real talent for engaging children and working with them at their level, challenging them and bringing out the best in them through encouragement and attention to detail. She makes lessons fun and imaginative – adding finger puppets to the end of a bow being a particularly memorable moment! – but also somehow manages to instil discipline in technique and practice without ever seeming strict or overbearing. It is a pleasure to hear her play and inspire her students, and we have been very grateful to have learnt from her over the last couple of years. I feel I have learnt as much from her as a parent about helping my child progress as my daughter has about playing the cello. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Pupil’s Parent, July 2020

Gemma is an exceptional teacher to our seven-year-old son. She is kind, with ‘bottomless patience’ (to quote his own words), supporting and always smiling. She has turned our son’s lessons into an enjoyable journey full of exciting activities. He learns hard techniques effortlessly through fun games and rhymes, giving him a strong sense of achievement.
She is attuned to his cues and needs, encouraging him to express his musicality and explore his instrument at his own pace.
Our son has only been playing the cello for two years and he already plays popular pieces. Not only does Gemma assign him the coolest music, but she also recommends and introduces activities and material that greatly enhance his experience as a young musician and offers him a glimpse of a wider music community.
Gemma has a great ability to motivate her students, and our son now wants to become a professional cellist.

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